RooakNews is a new independent news corporation. It is one of very few not owned and operated by the 6 major media corporations who control over 90% of the media produced today. We are fighting an uphill battle, but one we hope will bring the public to the truth of what is actually going on in our nation.

Rooak in Hebrew means breath or wind. More specifically, the breath of God. When God created Adam, he laid before him as flesh molded from dust. He had form. Eyes, nose, lungs, heart, etc. He did not have life. God breathed His life inside of him and that is when Adam came to life. The word used in the original text is “rooh-ahk”. It is what separates mankind from the rest of creation. We are the only ones, out of all of creation, that God breathed His life into. Our highest calling is to use this breath, this life, and return it back to the one who gave it to us.

The work we’re doing here on this site is meant to breath life into our readers. Bring them to an understanding and a hope for the future. Yes, the articles are about how our nation is in the process of bringing a powerful, evil cabal down and shedding light on things that we have not been told by the major media networks. They will ultimately reveal the deepest, darkest parts of our humanity. We all need to know there is still hope.

The rooak of God is still in us. And with our voice (those who are helping to produce what you read on this site), we’re setting out to show our users their’s. We live in a moment in time that is unparalleled.  Let us all rise to the occasion and show how beautiful we, as humanity, can be.