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Correlating Q’s Posts with the Books Found

We found a treasure trove of information on the TripCodes and UserIDs.

Now to figure out how to correlate them.

We know that the books linked to from the TripCodes are incredibly important. Hence why the entire book is linked to.

But the UserIDs aren’t as straightforward. There are links to specific pages, even characters within that page on other books. There are also UserIDs, more than one, with pages and pages of Book results from the searches. My prediction is the first result is the most pertinent for the posts made with that UserID. And the other books are reference points. There are instances where there are characters or values linked to in the first book, and then a formula linked to in the second book. Who wants to bet when you punch the values from the first book into the formula¬† in the second book you get something extra special?

Q has indicated that they’ve been manipulating our science to pass lies off as truth, by simply changing one or two variables. This is how they’ve created the myth of Global Warming. They’ve published a “credible” textbooks from “well-known” schools, and everyone’s believed it.

I’m working to figure out a way to correlate this into all the data turned up.

There’s also UserID’s that only point to a HexColor. As they’re all 6 alphanumeric combinations, they all generate a hexcolor when used in HTML/CSS.

I’m thinking Q’s used these to indicate a new section/something new to be covered in the posts. Or, they’ve color coded EVERYTHING… I’m working to pull all the colors into code, then arrange them by putting all the greens together, the blues, etc. This will either show something, or it’s pure coincidence. What I’ve learned from following Q since the beginning is NOTHING is EVER a COINCIDENCE.

I’ve setup a Correlations tab on the spreadsheet for anyone to add ideas of ways they think these could correlate. Feel free to contribute.

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