New Features to the Spreadsheet

Will update as more new features are added.

Topics Screenshot

Log of New Features Added to the Spreadsheet:

  • Color Sorted Tab: It looks like the Q team has organized everything by color. We have a tab with all the searches found to date, with TripCodes and UserIDs that don’t generate a color at the top, and then arranged by color below.
  • Anything showing up “#N/A” means it’s a new value and we need to add the approriate data to the sheet yet. We’ve discovered more UserIDs. The first search we ran on the pubsite didn’t grab some that were in a different format. We now have ALL UserIDs, including id’s from those they reply to, which we’ve found also return interesting results.
  • Topics tab: Shows all the topics found so far (using Dewey Decimal System), so everything is where it would be at your local library
  • Add new topics: Just add a new topic to Col C of the Topics Tab. New topics will end up in the dropdown lists throughout the sheet.
  • Search Titles by Topic: Select the topic you want to see in the dropdown in the dropdown at the top. The list will build below.
  • UserID Colors: All UserIDs on the Google Search tab now have the color the hex number generates. This is probably how Q wants these organized. “Dark to Light”.
  • Ideas to Sort tab: ideas as to how we think things could be organized. Add your own ideas and we’ll work for a solution.
  • Hebrew Text tab: all titles pertaining to Hebrews pulled in. Please feel free to add your interpretations to what they mean.

Link to Sheet

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