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Correlating the List of Books Generated

There’s UserIDs that link to specific characters in Hebrew texts.

Hebrew is a pictorial language, sorta like Hieroglyphics, but even more rudimentary. They didn’t have numbers, so they used the same image for letters. The position in their alphabet was it’s value. Every character has multiple meanings and a story as to how it was created.

For instance Vau is the 6th letter of their alphabet, makes the sound of our W and represents a hook, a spear, or a nail.. 3 w’s in a row…hmm, where have we seen that? What value would 3 vau’s have in Hebrew? Written on it’s own, it meant to drive something into, hook them in, much like fishing, without their knowledge. When strung together with other symbols, it takes on additional meanings.

Q’s linked to several Hebrew texts throughout his posts.
If we could build a list of all the Hebrew texts linked to, I’m sure it’ll lead to something.

Any Biblical scholars we can reach out to help interpret meanings?

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