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How to Take Down MSM

"You are the voice" -Q

How do we take down the MSM?
Follow the money.
Where does MSM revenue come from?
What is advertising expenditures based upon?
Audience. How many people are watching? Why?
Tons. Because there’s no better option.
How do we create a better option?
What are the things we dislike about the news?
Besides the Clowns.
It’s focused on division. On tearing us apart. Making us upset. Showing the worst of US.
How do we offer a better alternative?
Tell the good stories.
There is evil to cover. And we will. But there is more good.
We are not Goym (sheep/cattle), as the Cabal had called us.
We have the breath of God within us.
Let’s do this.
Let’s create as many good stories. Articles. Share worthy stories.
About those that are doing good around us.
Let’s create real news. About boys fishing with grandpa’s. About dad’s having tea time with their daughters. About mom’s working 3 jobs to give her family a better future.
The good parts of humanity. That MSM NEVER covers.
The things we’re all fighting for!
We need to build an audience.
We’re working to secure funding to scale this. But investors won’t stick around if there’s not revenue.
We will cover the bad. But focus is on shining the light into the darkness.
We are not going to win over anyone by shoving a “conspiracy theory” down their throats.
We have logic, and reason on our side. We will ask the questions that no one else is asking.
We will get the answers (and by many respects already have, thanks to Q) that no other news has.
We will build an audience.
By focusing on the good, while revealing the evil.
Let’s do this.
RooakNews – this is for all of us.
It’s time for some real news.

If you’d like to submit a story you’d like to share, email it to with the information to provide you credit for the submission.

Let’s be the voice. Let’s be heard. Let’s be the change we wish to see.

FoxNews made $7.6B in revenue last year. And they hardly present real news.

We can scale this into a real news organization and take down MSM.

The more you can share and point others to the site, the more traffic we will gain. We’re already approaching advertising partnerships to be able to setup direct merchant partnerships (No investor needed this route).

Our desire is to partner with companies like Alaffia, TOMS Shoes, etc. Companies that are doing good in this world and providing clean (no cancer) products.

However, you need the traffic before they’ll agree to direct partnerships.

We’re pretty sure part of the plan is to ultimately have a free press again, with NO GOVERNMENT interference, as EVERY piece of MEDIA that is created by the big 6 is compromised.

The only way to return to a truly free press is by putting the truth out there, through Q, and allowing the people to get organized and form their own news organizations, free from government interference. This is how it was originally intended to be.

The most help you could offer is keep sharing what you find here on the site.

We’ll do our best to continue to produce quality content, but the plan is underway.

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