Panic Mode: You won’t believe what has been going on under your nose with Mainstream Journalism!

"Panic Mode" -Q

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“CNN won’t post a positive article about the Trump administration due to demonic overlords in the democratic seats of power.  The Clinton’s have historically taken trips to Epstein Island which are featured on pedophile Instagram accounts.  Hillary Clinton has cozy connections to the KKK.”  Any one of these topics is how I would start this article if I wanted to lose the majority of you due to bias, cognitive dissonance, or disbelief of any other sort.

However, did you see what I did there?  Did you catch it? I’m not nearly as inventive or subtle as my professional peers in journalism, but that is not the matter at hand. According to statistics, which prove not only my point, but the pervasiveness of online privacy violation, most people read the headline and a few lines before bouncing off the page.  Beyond that only a few more remain to get to the meat and potatoes of an article.  A small percentage actually put the article in context and see the bigger picture. (See this article on Slate)

So let’s disassemble an article, shall we?

BBC News: Melania Trump backs NBA star LeBron James after Trump insults (Google it, I don’t want to give them the links)

First line after the hilarious ‘Division’ imagery:

US First Lady Melania Trump has backed basketball player LeBron James, hours after her husband made insulting remarks about him on Twitter.

After several bullet facts that don’t involve our favorite white hat Melania, we’ve reinforced everything that was said in the Lemon interview that they want you to remember.  Then the big ad is center page!  Congratulations you now have the facts.  Move along 90% who clicked on the article in the first place.

For those brave enough to wade through the rest of refuse, we then have the pin prick pointed out by BBC’s own Anthony Zurcher.  He cites Kaitlin Collins of CNN having said this on Twitter: “Oh boy. After President Trump insulted LeBron James, Melania Trump issues a statement saying she’s open to visiting the school he just opened in Ohio.”  Throughout the article, the preface as stated in the title is only weakly supported with no context.

This is what I like to refer to as the “The old One, Two.”  They take a controversy with its confusion and throw in a new dash of division resulting in ‘news.’  This is just one trick of many that the mainstream likes to use to confuse the issue.  Most have a grain of truth, in this case a stretch, to take attention away from another important issue.

My reaction:  I like civil debate as much as the next person.  However, those who can’t see what President Trump is doing, or trust that he’s doing it with our best interests after so many positive results play into the deep state hand like puppets.

Here’s the truth: Q drops on Friday night:
2016 Election Final Report 06-14-18

Links to graphs as presented in IG report.  Implications of the level of coordination and depth of the swamp. This is going to be huge when it comes through.  MSM must get ahead of this by firing off enough chaff to confuse any real news coming through.  How do we know it’s going to be huge?  Indictments don’t seal themselves.  Why are indictments sealed? We’re now at almost 50K.

That’s the deep state being arrested and tried.

The reaction is what Q likes to refer to as ‘PANIC MODE’.

Here’s the bottom line.  Important things are happening.  If there is too much public attention on those things, if people see it for what it really is, the main stream loses.  Their corporate overlords lose.  Money and power in large investitures are at stake.  It’s because the true power they retain is that which we give them.  Even in these small things.  If they can create controversy, ignite passions on the wrong things, that passion is expended when it comes time to act on those important things.  So look out for what really matters to you.

Maybe this is important:

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