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Proof Positive the Books Were No Accident

"Comms structure designed for a very specific reason." -Q

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It recently came to our attention that many Anons are doubting if the list of books that turned up when searching Google Books with Q’s TripCodes and UserIDs was intentional by Q or not.

To understand that the list of books was no accident, we must first have a deeper understanding of how Google Search works.

Search for Sites Google Has Indexed - Results Highlighted
Search for Sites Google Has Indexed – Results Highlighted

The way Google is able to generate millions of results in less than a second is because they’ve indexed EVERYTHING. And by everything, we mean over 30 TRILLION web pages. Google does this with trinkets of code known as “spiders” or “bots”. These spiders are continually crawling webpages, analyzing their content and sending information back to Google’s servers.

Google sorts through this data, determines it’s relevance, and gives the page a score, known as PageRank, named after Larry Page, one of Google’s founders who came up with the idea. Once the data has been sorted, it is added to a file known as the Index. This is a very lightweight list of every website in the entire world. When you type in the magical box, Google query’s this single index file and returns potentially millions of results in less than a second. This index file is continually updated and added to.

This is how regular Google Search works. Always updating. Always current. This is known as dynamic code in web development.

However, this is not how Google Books works. Books don’t change. Once they are published, they aren’t updated. Sure, later versions are released, but the version that is printed is the same version for every copy ever printed of that version. Google Books also has a single index file of every book they’ve scanned in, however, that scan is done once and never updated unless done so by Google’s developers. The index file is a lot less dynamic, and more static (stays the same). It is only updated when a new book is added or when a developer with access to Google’s servers updates a piece of code to include certain results. As you will see, this is what was done with Q’s TripCodes and UserID’s.

Google Books results are different in the way they are generated.

Google does not sell advertising on Books results. It presents purely organic results. “You’re searching for ‘x’, here’s where we found ‘x’.” There’s no avenue for a third party to cut the line and pay to be at the top of the results, as AdWords allows you to do with regular Google search results.

Google Results Ads Highlighted
Google Results Ads Highlighted

The results also don’t change unless there’s an update to the code, either when a new book is added or a developer updates Google’s codebase to add new markers to identify specific pieces of content within a book. Most books published after 1970 are given an International Book Numbers (ISBNs). You can see how Google has used this number to identify each book in the URLs generated on one of the search results. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be using Q’s UserID: q8aHxh0v, used twice on Nov 24, 2017. You can repeat these same findings on any UserID or TripCode used by Q.

Search for UserID q8aHxh0v - ISBN Highlighted
Search for UserID q8aHxh0v – ISBN Highlighted

For years, Google has been working with our public library system to index every book ever printed. Naturally, this presents some new challenges. Books contain pages of printed text. The text isn’t searchable content, like web pages. It’s physical ink printed or stamped onto a page. Google spent years developing software to scan printed pages and convert them to searchable text. Once a page has been scanned, and it’s content now known, their software then creates a unique identifier for each page.

Coupling this with the ISBN number, they generate a separate index file for each book, with all it’s pages of content searchable, with each page having a unique identifier to point users to if the content they are searching for is found on a specific page.

Google controls these identifiers and stores them in different parameters that they pass over the URL.

One of the parameters that they store is the exact search text that you started with to generate the page results. They store this in a parameter known as Data Query. You can see where these end up in the final URL when you click through to an individual book from our search results.

Hidden Records - DQ Highlighted
Hidden Records – DQ Highlighted

Here are two of the full URLs from our q8aHxh0v search with a breakdown of the parameters that have been passed in on each.

Hidden Records Cover
  • The Hidden Records, Volume 1
    • id=pJoNOwAACAAJ
    • &dq=q8aHxh0v
    • &hl=en
    • &sa=X
    • &ved=0ahUKEwie6aTCi-DcAhVCjlkKHWGFAtAQ6AEILzAB
Alice's Bloody Adventures In Wonderland Cover

The final URLs look like this:

Here’s a quick description as to what each parameter does:

  • ID: Google’s Unique ID for this book
  • DQ: Data Query, the original term being searched for
  • HL: Defines the language being searched with. English in this instance.
  • SA: Defines the Standard Association being used to generate the page results. Version X in this instance.
  • VED: Unique Identifier to the specific content that Google found of relevance. The VED is controlled by Google. No one else has access to it.

Every VED that Q’s TripCode and UserID’s points to starts with this “0ahUKEw” string. This is how they are generating these specific results.

It could have only been added by a developer with DIRECT ACCESS to Google’s Servers by adding it to the Index file for books. It is not random, as it is found on EVERY TripCode and UserID searched that turns up book results. And it was not added because of multiple people searching for the same terms, as the book index file is not dynamically updated as the standard search results are. The only way it could have been done is intentionally by a developer.

Yes, the UserId’s and TripCodes are randomly generated by the Chans, but the Q team then went and updated Google’s Books index file to give us the results that we have found. You cannot do this without access to Google’s servers. The list of books is no accident.

Also, Q’s last TripCode initially wasn’t turning up any results. However, today it is, and the VED has the same “0ahUKEw” at the beginning.

Q’s latest TripCode (as of a few minutes ago) doesn’t generate any results at the moment. We think it’s safe to say we should expect new books in the next few days. We’ll keep an eye on it and update the spreadsheet accordingly.

To date, we are still turning up more books and figuring out how Q would like them organized. We believe everything has been color coordinated, as almost every UserID generates a hex color in code.

If you would like to help us log what books you’ve found, please do so in the spreadsheet below. All of the “First results” have been logged in columns F & G of the Color Sorted tab. We’re in the process of logging the 2nd and 3rd results in columns I thru L and adding the Topic they fall into in the Dewey Decimal System in column E. Please feel free to contribute.

We also believe that Q is asking us to get organized, unite and form our own free press, without any government interference. This site is one of several that have risen up around this idea. We welcome anyone who would like to contribute. We’ve also started an IndieGogo campaign to crowdsource the funds needed to become a legitimate news source and would encourage anyone wanting a real news outlet to consider making an investment.

We have applied for White House and Congressional Press Credentials. In order to be approved for Congressional Press Passes you need to have offices in DC and at least one full-time staff member covering Congress to be approved. We have yet to hear back from the White House Press Correspondents’ Association about White House press passes. We will keep everyone updated as to the status. The funds raised will go to opening these offices, purchasing studio equipment and hiring staff to cover what’s truly going on in our nation.

If you are covering Q, and would also like to know the process of applying for the above credentials, we would love to walk you through it. Email us and we will provide you with the instructions to do so. These credentials will go a long way in credibility and helping convincing the “normies” that this is what really is going on. It’s time to return to a free press. It’s time for some real news.

We are also working on a series of videos that cover each Q Proof in under a minute. They are meant to be quick, easy to share and help you to convince anyone that Q is legitimate, cutting through the lies from the mainstream media.

We are not doing any of this for fame or fortune. We are doing this so our fellow Americans can know the truth, no longer being deceived by other “news” outlets, and we can all work to build a better future for our children. Will you join us?

Where we go one, we go all.

Link to full spreadsheet here.

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