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Trump Confirms Q

"The craziest conspiracy theory of all time" turns out to be true.

Trump Confirms #QAnonTrump Confirms #QAnon

There have been a group of posts on and on 8chan, internet chat boards, that started back on October 27, 2017. These posts have been called “The craziest conspiracy theory of all time“. But the craziest part of all, is that it’s turning out to be true. The posts, mostly in question form, have all been signed “Q”, and explain what President Trump meant by “the calm before the storm”. Our sources have confirmed that Q is relating to Q-Level Clearance at the Department of Energy, and our very own president has confirmed “Q” is legitimate.

As the majority of the media has been compromised and corrupted by other political interests, Trump and his team have resorted to some unconventional means to legitimize and confirm Q.

The first was a twitter post made celebrating Trump’s Electoral College victory, 1 year since the election. At first glance, it simply looks like a group photo of Trump and members of his cabinet giving a thumbs up while on Air Force One. However, if you connect the thumbs up, it forms the letter “Q”. The team also hide a message in the image name. The first letters of the image were the letters “DO IT Q”. The very last was Q.jpg.

Do It Q.
Do It Q. Source:

This was posted back on November 8th. Initially, very few saw it’s significance at the time. However, having confirmed many of the claims in Q’s posts, this image and tweet is incredibly revealing.

But it didn’t stop there. Second was a post from Donald Trump, Jr. exactly 10 days after Q says “10 days”. This was the site WikiLeaks had used to post the conversation they had with Donald Trump Jr.  However, the domain came up for sale and was bought by someone anonymously. It now shows WikiLeaks source of the DNC emails.

Now this is significant beyond the content that is now presented on the site because President Trump’s legal team recently settled a case, Roy Cockrum v Donald J Trump for President, Inc. The case cites WikiLeaks as a legitimate news source. In lay man’s terms, it means that WikiLeaks has been confirmed as a legitimate news outlet, and it has been upheld in the court of law, setting legal precedence to use everything WikiLeaks has published as evidence in court, including this site. The significance of the contents on the site and the timing of the site being published exactly 10 days after Q’s “10 days post” again confirms Q.

The next was the Fiji water drinking episode that all of us in the media had such a field day with. Watch the video below, taking a close look at Trump’s cuff links.

We’re all entitled to our own opinion, but we see a “Q”, do you?

As you can see the whole episode was VERY staged. Trump knew it would be blown up by the media and on social media because of the deal he made of Marco Rubio‘s drinking habits during the primaries. We can only conclude that is why President Trump did this.

What Q’s posts mean for our history, our present, and the future of our nation has yet to be determined. But one thing’s for sure, Trump and team are trying to get the word out, and the events Q has predicted are coming to fruition.

To see all of Q’s Posts visit:

(We’re in the process of converting each post into it’s own page, making them searchable, linkable and shareable.

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