Setting the Record Straight

And Clearing the Air

I normally don’t address hate mail. However, when someone personally threatens me and claims “I stole everything from them”, I think it needs to be addressed and the truth needs to be known to all.

First, I’m not doing anything here on this site for fame or fortune. I am doing this so my kids can know a world without war, cancer, or any of the other evils the Cabal has brought upon us. This is not about my name, or anyone else’s name being out front. This is specifically why everything done here is posted as Q, and branded under Rooak. This is not about me. This is about getting the word out so we can all can live in peace.

With that said, I received some hate mail last night from the person I credited for pointing us to the Q TripCodes and UserIDs linking to Google Books when searched. Below is my response first, and then their email. I have yet to hear from her or her husband in regards to what she would like to be done.


Your husband sent me the following email.

I want to make sure you understand the order of events that led to my post and spreadsheet being created.

Someone posted your article in the tank.
I read the first paragraph of your article, saw that you were trying to do it manually, knew there was a faster way to get the links built and titles gathered.
I left to go start building that.

When I had the basic outline setup, I went back to your article, scrolled to the bottom and made my first comment. I didn’t, and have not, read the rest of your article. This is why I said “hey man,…” and completely skipped on your name being a lady.

I was excited at what I was finding. There was truly a treasure trove there.
I started filling in the titles, and setup instructions for others to join the effort.

A ton of Anons jumped in and helped gather the titles and names.

I made the list of the ones I saw as most important and posted it on Rooak, fully crediting you for finding where to find the info.

I by no means want to steal anything you’ve done.

I have no problem updating the post on Rooak accordingly to reflect your desires.

My intention was never, and never will be, to steal your credit for finding this.

I did however make an easier way for others to connect to it, contribute, and distribute the information. And that is what is important to me. That others are finding this and getting the word out.

The last thing this is about is “credit”. This is about saving our nation.

I wish you and your husband all the best.

Please let me know how you would like me to update accordingly.



Orginal Email from Husband:

You knowingly hijacked our story regarding the tripcode/user ID correlation to Google Books. You have unsatisfactorily sourced my wife’s work with a tiny link at the bottom of the article. This is unsatisfactory.

You will provide an opening paragraph giving full credit to my wife and links to our website at http://thefreespeechzone.com/inplainsight and you will apologize publicly for misrepresenting the source of the story. You will also share this on every social media platform you operate on.

You will do this, or you will no longer have a website. You have 8 hours from the time I send this email to comply.

You will fully understand what the breath of God feels like when I am done with you if not.

With Respects,


My response:
Hi JL,

What would you like it to say?

This is not about credit. I’m sorry you and your wife feel this way. That was never my intent.

This is about saving our nation and restoring hope in humanity.



I still have no problem at all crediting her to pointing me individually to this, however, she was not the first one to discover it, nor did I steal her spreadsheet. I was able to complete what may have taken her weeks to do manually in one night’s work with the help of many Anons and some light code work. I have not seen her spreadsheet. I have no idea where she is at in gathering everything. All I know is we, as the Q community cracked this and gathered all the data in a few hours in the tank and on the spreadsheet.

As proof, this video was upload July 22nd:

This article was published July 23, and she references it in her own article that pointed me to this.

Her article was published July 27.

As stated above, I read the first paragraph or so, saw what she was pointing to and jumped into trying to figure out a faster way to log everything.

I started by grabbing all the tripcodes and userids from the HTML from the pubsite code. To do this, right click on the page, select Inspect.

This will bring up the developer tools in Chrome. I copied the entire body element as HTML. To do this, right click on the body tag, select Copy > Copy Element.

I pasted this HTML into Sublime Text Editor. I like Sublime one because it’s open source, and two you can select multiple lines of code at once (This will show of importance in the next steps).

All of Q’s TripCodes are logged in a span with the title=”trip”.  To select them, hit CTRL + F, this will bring up the search window in Sublime Text. Type title=”trip” into the search box and hit Find All. This will select ALL of the title=”trip” tags found in the code. To get over to select just the TripCode itself, hit the right arrow twice. This will get you out of the closing bracket (>) for the span. Then press Cmd + Shift + Right, this will select to the end of that line of code.

Hold down the Shift key and press the Left key until you are out of the </span> and just the TripCode is selected.

Hit Cmd + C. This will copy ALL 1774 tripcodes.

Open a new doc (Cmd + N for short). Paste the tripcodes in. Good work. You have them all. You could paste this anywhere. Including a Google sheet, as I did about 24 hours ago.

Now to get the UserID’s it’s much the same process. Except they’re all stored in a title=”userid” tag. Search for that, hit Find All. Then hit Cmd + Right. This will get you to the end of that line of code.

Hit the left arrow until you’re out of the </span>. Then hold Shift down, and hit the left arrow 6 more times. This will select ALL the UserID’s found. Hit CTRL + C.

Open a new doc, paste (CTRL + V). You now have all the UserID’s Q has used. All 1100 of them.

Now to get these into a clickable link format in excel/google sheets…

Google Search works with Query’s. Queries are passed over the URL. When you hit the submit button, it takes the value you’ve entered in the magical little box and appends it to the end of your URL. This is then used to pull up all your search results. Every Google Search works like this. For instance, if I were to search “This is cool”, my URL would be:

Spaces convert to +.

If you wanted to see the Books results, Google stores these results in Tabs. The variable they use is tbm. The value for books is bks. To see the book results for the same “this is cool” query, you just need to add the tbm variable and define it with what you want, like so:

You add new variables to a URL with an ampersand (this guy -> &).

So the final query to see the books results would look like this:


These values can be ordered in any way. For my spreadsheet, I moved the tmb to the front, as the q= was the variable I was changing.

You can append any values in code with what’s called CONCATENATE. In Excel, you have this in a formula. On the back end, it’s just smooshing whatever values you give it together. Concatenating i love you would result in iloveyou. Notice it drops any spaces. It’s literally just ramming them together.

To do this in Google sheets, it’s =CONCATENATE({value1},{value2}). Replace values with the cell number (C2, for example). And it’ll pull them together.

For our case, we need to add our TripCodes and UserIDs to the end of the query so it pulls the book results when you simply click the link. To make something a link, you use =hyperlink(). Combining this with the concatenate, you get a formula that generates the link to click you straight through to your google results page.

=hyperlink(CONCATENATE("https://www.google.com/search?tbm=bks&q=", A104))

Copy this, and paste it down the entire column, and VOILA, you now have the exact same spreadsheet I created last night. Feel free to recreate your own and get the word out.

This is how I was able to do what was probably a MONTH of data entry in a few minutes.

I then posted the highlights of what I was finding in the tank, and here on Rooak. Within hours, the incredible Q community FLOODED the sheet with Anons filling in the titles, authors and adding notes.

I am forever indebted to all of you.

You are amazing.

Tricia, please understand, I stole nothing from you.

Thank you for pointing us all in the right direction. We are all grateful.


No one should own this information. It is too crucial.

This is about saving our nation through getting the word out.

However I can help you all do that, please let me know.

Dan McNeillie

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