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Trust the Plan

"You are the voice" -Q

"Trust the Plan" -Q

I’m under the increasing impression that the major arrests of all the top brass has already occurred. The ones who remain in public are puppets who’s strings have been cut.

Which is why they’ve made increasingly more noticeable mistakes.

I think the bulk of these arrests happened back in Dec-Feb, when we were able to track all of the flights to Gitmo and airports were being shut down for implausible reasons nationwide.

Flights To Gitmo
Flights To Gitmo

The public appearances of Hillary, Bill, No Name, etc have all been body doubles or they are utilizing the masking software that has been revealed.

This is for public safety reasons.

“The plan” is to allow independent news organizations to organize and rise up to replace MSM. Q and team are in full control of the narrative. They are the new puppet masters of Operation Mockingbird. They are purposely allowing fake news to be reported. In fact, they are controlling it, to ensure that it’s easily disprovable. You’ve probably noticed MSM has been getting steadily worse and worse lately. Per Q, “Disinformation is necessary”. “The plan” will result in a truly free press, not funded or influenced by our government in any way. You and I are the voice as to how this is going to become public knowledge.

As more people become aware, wake up, and walk away, they walk towards the new independent news sources that have risen up around Q. The circle of influence of these news sources grows. The public comes to awakening on their own, in a way that prevents massive shut downs and riots nationwide.

The Q team had contemplated the coup route during Obama’s presidency. But chose this route for public safety and freedom’s sake.

In studying Q’s drops, I’ve found that there are 3 two-digit number combinations that can be found precisely an even hundred number of times. Click here to view a spreadsheet of all the 2 digit number combinations and number of times each are found in Q’s drops.

23 can be found 700 times.
48 can be found 500 times.
37 can be found 300 times.

This includes many timestamps and Q’s password, “NowC@mesTHEP@in–-23!!!”.

Can’t help but think this was on purpose, so I started digging on what these numbers could mean. I started by researching military operations where the number 23 was of importance, as that’s found most in this set.

That led to the Ghost Army, officially known as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, and was the main division in charge of executing Operation Quicksilver during World War II.

The other division involved was the 48th Infantry Division.

Their operational instructions were known as Article 37.

Operation Quicksilver resulted in German forces grossly over estimating the number of divisions of Allied troops at 55, instead of the 37 we actually had invading on D-Day. The operation included placing dummy landing craft, blow up tanks, even fake radio communications. All of this was done to appear they were in one location, diverting the enemy into a position they wanted without putting any additional lives at risk.

Dummy Landing Craft
Dummy Landing Craft
Ghost Army WWII
Ghost Army WWII
Dummy Sherman Tank
Dummy Sherman Tank
Inflatable Dummy Tank
Inflatable Dummy Tank

The disinformation they are publishing from MSM is doing precisely this.

I believe we have been completely free since Q moved to the Patriot’s Fight board. The fight is now ours, not theirs. Now comes the pain of winning the battle for the hearts and minds of our family and friends. Q and team will be releasing more fake news that we can easily discredit. But to do this, we must raise our voice and proclaim the truth.

My ultimate desire for RooakNews is to bring as many people as possible safely to the truth, so that we can all live to the full abundance of our original intention, and not with the lies of the enemy. If RooakNews takes off and is successful, great, but not important.

The most important thing to me is providing the tools to help you shine the light of truth to your friends and family. To help equip you to be the voice to them. You can reach them in a way that I cannot. You know them. You know what makes them tick. You know what will help them along and eventually cause them to take the same journey you have to understand what’s really going on in our world today. This is Q’s plan.

The most amazing thing about Q is the community of people who have developed around them. A community who is willing to go after one, and forsake the 99. A community who is not willing to allow the depths of the corruption that has been exposed to continue. We are all here for you to help you win this battle.

I’m in the process of pulling together as many resources and tools possible here on this site to help show anyone who’s willing to listen the truth. I’m not a reporter. I’m not an incredible writer. I’m a web developer who knows how to market a website and monetize on traffic.

If you would like to help me in this endeavor of creating a real news source, and fix what we see is broken, please reach out to me at

It’s time for some real news.

Where we go one, we go all.

UPDATE: Noting Q’s recent yelling at us in all caps that people are dieing, I could be way off and there will be an event with massive arrests. However, still think the top brass has already been rounded up. I think they poised too much of a threat to the public if they remained in the public. Q and team would not let that happen.

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