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The Truth about Mueller’s Indictment

Meuller's IndictmentMeuller's Indictment - Page 1

All 12 of those listed on Mueller’s indictment have direct ties to Obama’s administration. Obama was also informed about all 12 in September prior to the election, and did nothing about them.

0 relations to Trump’s campaign have been found.

No other “news” outlet is reporting this. Why?

Read the indictment here.

The names on the indictment are as follows:

  1. Viktor Borisovich Netyksho
  2. Boris Alekseyevich Antonov
  3. Dmitriy Sergeyevich Badin
  4. Ivan Sergeyevich Yermakov
  5. Aleksey Viktorovich Lukashev
  6. Sergey Aleksandrovich Morgachev
  7. Nikolay Yuryevich Kozachek
  8. Pavel Vyachesla Vovich Yershov
  9. Artem Andreyevich Malyshev
  10. Aleksandr Vladimirovich Osadchuk
  11. Aleksey Aleksandrovich Potemkin
  12. Anatoliy Sergeyevich Kovalev

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