A Watershed Moment

"Something BIG is about to drop." -Q

"Watershed" Courtesy of National Geographic. All Rights Reserved.Courtesy of National Geographic. All Rights Reserved.

This week should prove to be a watershed moment in our movement.

I think it will be important to console those who are going to struggle with the reality of what we have put an end to with the new reality of what lies before us.

Yes, there were atrocities that we all need to come to terms with. I don’t want to ignore them.

However, the joy of what is on the other side of this hardship should lift us all through it.

Can you imagine a world without cancer?



Living in peace and respect for all?

This is going to be tough.

But it’s gonna be worth it. As more come to terms with the reality of what was, let’s be light into the darkness. Yes, the past was dark, but the future is bright.

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