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When a Canary Sings

Q Proof #3

Canary Palm TreeCanary Palm Tree

On 5/17/18, Trump tweeted what would have appeared to be a misspelling of “Imbedded”. However, when lining up the spelling with Q’s posts, another proof of Q’s validity is revealed.

Trump’s tweet with the “I” misspelling was published at 6:56am. Q’s corresponding post was posted at 2:56am. Trump’s corrected tweet was published at 7:45am. Q’s corresponding post was posted at 1:45pm.

Note the minute timestamps on each corresponding post match.

Screenshot of Trump Tweets Archives
Screenshot of Trump Tweets Archives

On 2/13 at 2:56am, Q posted:

Think image drop.
Think OP.
Think United.
When does a bird sing?
Everything has meaning.

On 4/20/18 at 1:45pm, Q posted a picture of a Canary Palm Tree:

Canary Palm Tree
Canary Palm Tree

And replied with the following:

Anonymous ID: 29a790 No.1121283📁
Alison Mack singing like a canary, as Alan Dershowitz would say
Canary palm tree?

Image below explains graphically. Orange connects the Canary. Green connects the Image. Red connects the I misspelling and timestamp. Blue connects the corrected timestamp and the image.

QProof #2
QProof #2

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