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Who is QAnon? Why does it matter?

A personal journey post about how I started with QAnon

We Are Q at Trump Rally

Midnight, or later.  I’ve lost track and can’t sleep. Something isn’t right, and every crumb I can get brings one more piece of the puzzle into alignment; another piece of a vast puzzle the boggles the mind. The forum is 8chan, an image board. The board name is Q Research. I’ve been here before. It started again when I read another article that put a few more pieces together.

I don’t always have these midnight sessions. I didn’t always sit and try to figure out what was wrong. I just felt it. I felt it in 2016 when Bernie lost the democratic primary. I was convinced that he was /ourguy/. I knew he would be the next president of the United States. When I saw what the DNC did, I knew I would never be a Democrat again.

I wasn’t alone in this feeling. Like so many others, I lost faith. I saw hubris on the Republican side. Like so many I saw the floundering masses of humanity getting behind another man, Donald Trump, who was the visage of everything I felt I should oppose. But Bernie had lost. He endorsed the evil I felt that was embodied in Hillary Clinton. So I gave up.

Months would pass. I would watch the news, with increasingly negative rhetoric about the man who would oppose her. I came to a conclusion: The Media was no longer telling the truth. They were the judge and juror now of a farce of a court of public opinion, spinning facts and trying to assuage the sicking feeling that there was no Democratic system in our country any more.

Fortunately I found solace with other cynics on the internet. I started browsing 4chan. Another image board where the QAnon team started posting. I noticed a President Trump General. “That’s right, this was ground level for the Trump for President movement, MAGA” I remembered.
However, as I picked up on what was going on, and there is a lot going on, I realized that not all was at it seemed. You would get news on /pol/ (a dedicated news for politics and news from around the world) on 4chan. However, when a seemingly important bit would drop, you would get a lot of rhetoric that was seemingly off topic, random, and offensive.

Buckle up, buttercup

You see, the chans (the term used to lovingly refer to the image boards where the right to free speech is still recognized on the internet) is a victim of it’s own protection. So users, the real users, have learned to read between the rhetoric, the ‘shills.’ Once you pick this up, it becomes easy to see the real story. It also begs the question, “why would there be a concentrated effort around certain news bits and not others?”

Then came Q. Q clearance? Question Anon? These posts were different. I had heard of others like him posting: FBI Anon, etc. They were insiders who knew a lot (or all) of the secrets hiding in various corners of our society. It was very cloak and dagger with Q. Uncomfortable truths at times. But the way he approached the topics wasn’t the spoon feeding we’ve been conditioned to accept in our modern society. It was socratic: Questions asked, leaving the other anons ‘lurking’ to answer for themselves, or to temp shilling and post their theories. Q would verify some, or leave us to our devices on others.

What topics:
High level Treason
Top level crimes against humanity
Pedophile rings
Assassination attempts
Government Coups (not foreign)

Each time when a topic came up, it wasn’t a single entity within the US government that was responsible. It came down to + ++ +++. It was later learned through confirmations that this was the real financial power behind the world. Families that had been around for centuries, planning, with the only goal being domination. Their plans, even if incomplete in nature at the time of execution, creeping ever closer to the end goal of world domination through every power structure imaginable to you: social, financial, political, etc.

Through it all you got a good sense of what we were up against: evil people who didn’t care for political affiliation. They didn’t even care to acknowledge their own humanity. It was as if they had become something more and they saw us as less. This cavalier attitude became apparent in passing revelations: The same Democratic Party that I had once espoused being implicated in the death of Seth Rich, the attitude that enslaved humans without a care to their treatment, the attitude that promoted violent pedophilia.

Violent pedophilia. It’s prevalent, more than just in Hollywood. Pedophilia references were all over the DNC emails leaked via Wikileaks. Whats more, the media was silent in most cases. If there is even a fraction of this going on, it should be front and center in the public’s attention. Shame on the media for making this about standing in President Trump’s actions.

Amid the turmoil there was more! The drops from Little St. James Island, the indications of assassination attempts, the blatant obstruction from the left that to this day seems to bleed from the social media lords who rule the internet. Something clicks: “There are no coincidences.”

During all this, another feeling hits you: Fear. Think of it: limitless power and an agenda of evil. You would have to have major control over vast intelligence agencies across the board, know what to look for, in order to even have a clue this was all happening under your nose.

Enter Q, yet again. While teaching a sleeping public to wake up and think for themselves, while confirming certain stages of readiness via nods from various Political social media accounts, he tells us: Don’t be afraid. This is why we’re here.

So, if you’re wondering who Q is: good. “It’s the question that drives us,” to quote The Matrix. The answer is complicated. It’s unanswered, maybe even unanswerable in our present time. In a way, we are all Q. We ask the questions, the questions drive us to answers.

Remember, there is no law against questions. There is no court that denies a man his opinion. Free speech is the very platform by which Pedophiles can attempt to normalize their vile practices (which is very real.) It is our duty, as thinking citizens of not just our country but in a world where we lead the change that comes to many, to finally stand up and say “No, this is not normal, nor is it tolerated.”

This is an agenda, it is a campaign against the Human Race, to reduce us to a common denominator of unquestioning slavery. It is an executioner’s axe, swung upon the heads of those who would stand up for liberty as it was and as it should be. We must recognize, with urgency, what we must do. It is our duty to call to account those who commit treason, crimes against humanity, murder, and more. It is our duty to not stand by quietly and stop questioning the actions of those in charge.
Q, for all that s/he/they is or are, is this call to arms. We are Q, questioning not just those who are evil, but our friends and family. We are desperate to awaken those who would be led to a dystopian future where authority is a license above law for any act. Q is a moniker, for the majority who want a better future. The more questions we ask, the more united we stand against such tyranny, the more ((they)) stand against us. Do we call for violence in the streets: NEVER! Our movement has been about bring people from all walks of life under the umbrella of a prosperous future for as many as wish to make it so, not for themselves but for everyone!
Remember, the media would have you believe the Q movement is a conspiracy theory. “It’s a violent movement.” Do you really think we have violent thugs wearing MAGA hats doing heinous crimes in the vein of a better future? Would a group that wants to awaken all human kind seek to silence the voices of a few in order to make their agenda easier? Who does that? Would silencing the voice of opposition to a conspiracy ‘theory’ suddenly prove it as fact? No… The problem that the stems from the media is the very forge in which the mettle of this movement is tempered. Oppose all you want. Resist more. You cannot kill an ideal. You cannot deny a man his thoughts. You cannot silence truth.

I have found many of my answers.  I may share some in the near future.  However, this is your journey. This is another step. You can stop now, where ever you are, and close your eyes. The world does not stop turning. However, you have heard the call. Your eyes are opening, and Q is waiting with an outstretched hand. Now you start questioning, now you get answers!

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